From the singular hillsides of the Douro river; from the rough and virile land; from ancient vineyards there emerges a free, irreverent, charming, enchanting and maniacal spirit. What is life without the spice of maniacal, unique, passionate, exciting and mysterious moments, in which we awaken the god or the devil within us? Where we tread the limits, but also feel more alive ...

Bacchus, or the reincarnation of his spirit, is capable of awakening our unspoken secrets, of letting us fall into sweet temptation, of giving full meaning to the expressions joi de vivre, dolce fare niente or carpe diem ... where soul, body and senses come together.


Exlibris Baco has a divine mission: to be the liberator, counselor and accomplice during the boldest of moments. Seduce or be seduced by this demonic god!


The Alto Douro Wine Region, integrated in the magnificent natural landscape and impressive manmade work which was considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001, is the birthplace of the nectars that give life to this irreverent and daring spirit.

If the Baco (Bacchus) name reflects this spirit, the Exlibris title that precedes it, originating from the term ex libris, intensifies it, as we are referring to a selection of wines with unique characteristics, and therefore with limited editions which offer unrepeatable emotions, sensations and pleasures. According to the myth, after reaching adulthood, Bacchus falls in love with vineyard culture and discovers the art of extracting the juice from the fruit. Exlibris Baco suggests that you extract the best from life, living intense and, why not, excessive moments of complicity.