The precious EXLIBRIS BACCHUS nectars emerge from the vineyards of the Carlos Alonso Wine Company, located in the heart of the Douro demarcated wine region, in the municipality of Alijó. The vineyards belong to the family since 1769.

With an annual production capacity of more than 5 million bottles, the company has been growing sustainably and soundly over the past 20 years. It possesses excellent reputation among the official entities, organizations and associations, as well as with small wine producers. The Carlos Alonso Wine Company is a highly referenced independent producer.

Within the DNA of EXLIBRIS BACCHUS, there is a strong internationalization plan, which includes the most demanding markets.

Harvesting is still done by hand, using small carrying bins to transport grapes to the wine cellar. The choice of land parcels and vine varieties to harvest may vary, depending on the specific prevailing conditions of each harvest season.

After rigorously selecting, destemming and crushing grape clusters, the must is transferred into small stainless steel vats (equipped with temperature control) where fermentation takes place. The main concern, at this point, is the respect for the essence of vine and grape, while obtaining a perfect balance. The winemaking process is managed on site by Valter Silva and Jorge Alves, who personally take part in the preparation of the final batches and in all of the important steps, from vinification to aging.

At the Carlos Alonso Wine Company, we select the best grapes in order to give life to this nectar bearing a free and irreverent spirit.