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Exlibris Baco is a family-run winemaker, part of the Douro region’s cultural history since 1769. Over hundreds of years, terraced planting areas known as “Socalcos” have been cut into the mountains on which to plant the vineyards. This landscape that has been crafted by human endeavour that give our wines its uniqueness. The violent beauty of nature is tamed, moment by moment. The Socalcos have been created by an instinct to survive, an instinct to continually improve. This is a valley built by the passion of generations and so are our wines.

It’s the passion that drives Exlibris Baco. As soon as we see the grapes grow and plump we know we have something special. This DNA (Douro Native Ancestry) inspires us to look closer and closer at our processes, trusting tradition while employing new technologies. We are obsessed with details. For us everything matters.

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